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About Us

Our company is in the heart of hungarian countryside, close to the farms, in the municipality of Balástya, Csongrád county. We have been working as a family holding since 1990. It is a long-cherished dream that became reality in 2010, when with our children, we built a wonderful poultry processing factory. Not only a beautiful structure and adapted to our production of foie gras and fattened ducks parts, but also meeting all modern EU and worldwide requirements in terms of quality, hygiene and food safety.

Our objectives: We would like to sell our products at the highest level of processing and distribution possible. Our increasing turnover is the proof that two decades of work have not been in vain. We offer products reliability, the best of our « savoir faire » and garanteed good quality to our buyers.

We are looking forward to giving you information about our company.
Szatmári Zoltán – Managing director



Szatmárikacsa Kft.
6764 Balástya, Tanya 198.
E-mail: szatmarikacsa@szatmarikacsa.hu